Our Company

ASHOKA GROUP specializes in production of multiple pet products and horse riding accessories & equipment’s. Our company is located conveniently in the city Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh INDIA.

AG strongly believes in production of top quality products and is consistent with maintaining strict delivery schedules irrespective of any considerations in order to sustain its name and reputation.The four pillars on which our company's success is based on the objective of high end growth with maximized customer satisfaction we ensure at every level.

With 10 years of unrivaled performance, the AG has emerged as an innovative and reliable production group. AG is producing some of the finest products in the pet industry. The desire to stay ahead in competition, and to deliver best production results, was the driving force for the company to tell the success story it attained today. Our Motto is to be different and deliver the Best. Today we still work on improvising what we have done and work closely with our patrons and partners in business to ensure that we can together stay competitive and still the very best.

For ASHOKA GROUP, the clients constitute the most important element in its business. The group directs all its activities towards client satisfaction. AG aspires to be perceived as a market leader in the product innovation by producing the best products. AG endeavors to make its operations value driven and client oriented. Our belief is to build expectations with unflinching commitment to quality.

Currently AG is supplying in multiple cities, with distribution channels and targeting more than 1000 retail stores India.

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